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You can use our music for your personal, charity or study projects. No strings attached.


Streamers, YouTubers and other online creators can use our music as background music in their videos.


If you're running a music channel or intend to use music for commercial use, please contact us.


Do you think you have what it takes to become our featured artist? Send us your music trough our Discord server!


Do you also love Lofi and Gaming? We want to work with you! We're currently looking for streamers, content creators and influencers that would like to earn extra income by sharing our music to the world.

You'll get your own personal link that track link-clicks towards our DMCA / Copyright Free Gaming Lofi Spotify playlist. You are free to expose the link in any way you like. Keep it in your Twitch Biography, add it to your YouTube video description or add it to your Instagram.

You can choose to actively market the link to your viewers and followers by announcing it, to increase your income further, or to keep it in silence in your text field and let the viewers slide in if they like to.

We provide you with the relevant playlist artwork, a freshly updated Spotify playlist with our label releases, and any necessary information you might need to get the most success from the sponsorship.

Contact us for more info.

CLOVR Music is a multi-faceted record label. We aim to provide excellent quality music and also to support the community of producers through our sample packs, community, and other resources.

We focus primarily on lo-fi beats and chillhop with an emphasis on good melodies, an upbeat vibe, and sometimes a jazzy edge. We try to have a distinct sound by emphasizing the positive emotion that music can bring.

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